The Greater Des Moines Partnership and the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition are excited to announce CarpeDM Music Mix Volume III, released March 10, 2016.

The selection process for the Mix began when 44 Central Iowa musicians submitted a song to a local jury. The jury scored the tracks on three criteria: 1) songwriting – the quality of original musical and lyrical compositions, 2) musicianship – execution appropriate to the material, and 3) appropriateness for compilation – lyric content, production quality and artist activity with the community.

The top 15 songs were selected to appear on the Mix. 2016 marks the third year for the Music Mix, each Mix offers a variety of tracks and artists. Volume I and Volume II are also available to download.

If you are having trouble viewing the music player, click this link for a full list of artists and additional download capabilities: SeizeDesMoines.BandCamp.com.